The Acosizi (from "Acos" their home region, and their word for overlord, "izi") are a species of sentient insectoids living in the harsh deserts throughout the continent of Acos, though they have established colonies in the coastal, desert fringes of Cila. They are well known as a brash, militant society, as well as being the monopolized heads of the slave-trade on Bueruta, and possibly the solar system(s) In general.


They are a spread out in tightly-knit groups, based around gigantic mound cities, baring similarities to ant-hills; in their tongue, the "zair". There are few noticeable physiological differences between males and females in the species, and this is exemplified in their culture; both sexes are trained from birth in the arts of savagery and conquest. However, it is known that manners and proper etiquette, especially to elders, is a pillar of Acosizi culture; even Russah slaves are given a modicum of protection from disrespect, as it is believed that only a slave's master is allowed to dishonour or abuse their property.


Their origins are quite like their civilization is now, based around independent zair, until they formed a symbiotic relationship with another insectoid species of Acos, the Russah. After forming a bond and thriving as a result, the two species began to gain sentience, but the Russah were eventually betrayed and overpowered by their more aggressive and populous partner species. Throughout most of their history, they existed as independent city-states, constantly warring with and conquering each other. As they entered an industrial age, they unified, and the desert of Acos became known as the slave trade hub of all of Buereta. A small slave revolt has sent renegade Russahs on an exodus to the mountains of Acos to escape from the desert lands of their captors, but the Acosizi pay little mind to them; they are currently focused on the conquest of Cila, establishing colonies along its coast.

They look similar to this: