The Russah are an intelligent species who live on planet Bueruta.  They are an insectoid race without any natural exoskeleton, so they rely on strong muscles and rocks to protect themselves.  Most are enslaved by the Acosizi, but some escapees have fled to mountainous regions.


The Ruhsah are carbon-based lifeforms.  They have a head and torso seemingly made of rocks, with a single compound eye in the middle of it’s head and three sand-covered limbs poking out.  The two sprouting from the top of the torso, near the head are arms with hands that have three fingers and a thumb.  The bottom is a leg, with many tendrils coming out of it.  The sand covering this will help it act like the foot of a snail.  Anything that isn’t covered by stone is covered by sand, except for the eye.  Of course, they were not born with this sandy and stony armor.  Ruhsahs are born from eggs, thin, wiry, and weak.  Their skin is red then, and remains so throughout their lives.  The Ruhsahs grow strong during their childhood, and the species is noted for their great strength.  This strength comes from both natural ability, and from their rocky armor.  Their bodies are covered in rock-gripping tendrils, and they instinctively hunt down armors.  By the time they are eight Buerutan years of age, they are fully physically developed, but, according to most of Ruhsah society, a Ruhsah is not mature until they reach the age of 10.


The Russah race began on Acos, a desert-covered land on the planet Bueruta.  They evolved directly with the Acosivi, forging a symbiotic relationship between the species.  The Acosivi were similarly strong, much faster, and smarter to boot.  They had helped out the Russah in exchange for the Russah’s help.  Though the Acosivi were in many ways superior, they never did evolve hands, while the Russah had two.  The two species went on to build their civilizations, and in time the Russah and Acosivi have gotten less equal.  The Acosivi were in charge, and the Russah were their inferiors.  Some of the Russah slaves escaped, and began their own civilizations in the mountains of Acos.  There, they live in relative peace away from their previous captors, who pay them little mind and do not perceive them as a real threat.